The objective of the Erosion and Watershed Management Project for Nigeria is to restore degraded lands and reduce longer-term erosion vulnerability in targeted areas. Negative impact includes: landlessness; homelessness; joblessness; food insecurity; increased morbidity and mortality; educational loss; social displacement; marginalization; loss of access to common property. Compensation measures includes:

1) offer displaced persons choices among feasible resettlement options, including adequate replacement housing or cash compensation where appropriate;

2) provide relocation assistance suited to the needs of each group of displaced persons, with particular attention paid to the needs of the poor and the vulnerable;

3) make alternative housing and/or cash compensation available prior to relocation;

4) build new resettlement sites for displaced persons with improved living conditions;

5) in the case of physically displaced persons with recognized or recognizable rights, the project will offer the choice of replacement property of equal or higher value, equivalent or better characteristics and advantages of location or cash compensation at full replacement value; and

6) where these displaced persons own and occupy structures, compensate them for the loss of assets other than land, such as dwellings and other improvements to the land, at replacement cost but sufficient for them to reestablish themselves elsewhere.