Recently, a joint enhanced implementation support mission for the Nigeria erosion and watershed management project commenced from 11th to 23rd May 2015 involving the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), represented by the Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU) and the World Bank (WB). The mission took the team through the 1st mover states beginning with Enugu State on 11th May and ending with Abia State on 23rd  May, 2015. Equally the Mission took a second group through the additional new States recently cleared to join NEWMAP: Kano, Kogi, Delta, Gombe, Plateau, Sokoto and Oyo States.

Mission Participants

The mission was led by Dr. Amos Abu, Task Team Leader (TTL) NEWMAP on behalf of the World Bank and Mr. Salisu Dahiru, National Project Coordinator (NPC) on behalf of the Government of Nigeria and Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU) respectively. Other members of the Team were; Dr. Adebayo Thomas (Communication and Community Mobilization Specialist), Ruth Peters Mshelia (Social and Livelihood Specialist), Anda Yalaks (Water Resources Specialist), Engr. Musa Egbunu (Environmental Safeguard Specialist). Anthony Agunu (M&E Specialist), Joseph Idoko (National Project Engineer). Others from the World Bank include Deborah A. Olumolu, Ugonne Eze and Joy Iganya Agene (both operational Analysts on NEWMAP/REDD +) and Iretomiwa Olatunji Operation Officer – Environment & Natural Resources.

Mission Objectives

The purpose of the mission is to support the PMUs in advancing civil works and disbursement for results as well as support the new States to phase into the project.

Objectives: The specific objectives of the proposed mission are as follows:

  • Follow up the implementation of civil works
  • Status of the engagement of design and supervision Engineering Firm
  • Update on the review of FPMU and SPMU staffing – replacing retirees with eligible manpower
  • Status of SPMU Vegetative interventions for currently active gully sites to ensure confirmation of timely delivery of sufficient quantities and species of required vegetative material
  • Update on hiring of individual procurement consultants by States to enhance their in-house procurement capacity
  • Follow up on bioremediation and livelihood options of the project
  • Support in finalization of the safeguard instruments
  • Follow-up and Advocacy for the payment of counterpart funds
  • Progress on Phasing in of additional States
  • Proactively support states in resolving disbursement for result related issues

Methodology:   Mission participants was divided into  two groups to   (i) New States  & (ii) Old States  

Mission to the new states:

The specific objectives of the proposed mission to new states were to follow up on the:

  • Assess the level of readiness in line with the criteria for State selection as set out in the PAD
  • Progress on Phasing in of additional States; and
  • Proactively support states in resolving any issues related  to effective take off of the project
  • Meet  with the Leadership of the Ministry of Environment and the Focal person for the project in the States;
  • Discuss the current status and progress with check list already shared with the states;
  • Visit the potential sites in the state if already identified; and
  • Address any technical and or issues of concerns.

Specifically, the mission was to support and get the States to commence activities and disbursing on and or by May 30th, . In addition the mission was also to help the Project assess the new states readiness and effectively prepare for the full project implementation support Mission planned for June 7 to 20, 2015.

Mission Schedule

Group A Visit to Initial NEWMAP States                           Group B Visit to Additional New States

11th -13th May, 2015———-Enugu                                                11th-12th May, 2015 ——-Sokoto

13th -15th May,2015———-Abakaliki                                            13th -14th May, 2015——-Kano

15th-17th May, 2015———-Awka                                                    14th-15th May, 2015——–Plateau

17th -19th May,2015———-Umuahia                                             15th -16th May,2015——–Kogi

19th-20th May,2015——— Owerri

21st-23rd May, 2015——–Edo


Speaking during the visit to Enugu State, Mr. Salisu said  ”the essence of this important mission was to follow up on the implementation of civil works currently on-going in the states”. 

He pointed out that the mission was to look into the status of State Project Management Units (SPMUs) vegetative interventions for active gully sites to ensure confirmation of timely delivery of sufficient quantities and species of required material because of the engineering and vegetative approach applicable in the project.

The Task Team Leader NEWMAP, Dr. Amos Abu said the mission was also to discuss extensively on the progress of phasing in  additional states as well as advocate for the payment of counterpart funds by states government.

Part of the deliverables for the team was to also assist the states in resolving disbursement related issues and follow-up on the livelihood options of the project.