Abia NEWMAP in collaboration with the State Ministry of Environment and the Nigerian Institute of Architects, NIA, joined the rest of the world to mark the 2020 World Environment Day.

Featuring on a radio interactive programme, THE PLATFORM, aired at Flo Fm, Umuahia, the trio of the Director of Forestry at the Ministry of Environment, Chairman of the State Chapter of NIA and the Natural Resource Management Officer, Abia NEWMAP highlighted the history of the World Environment Day, the impact and significance over the years.

The discussion later dwelt on this year’s Theme: BIODIVERSITY(Time for Nature)in relation to NEWMAP activities on the support to communities through establishment of nurseries and other bioengineering activities in tackling insipient gullies while emphasizing the State Government support in the area of being an access to some of the indigenous species.

On her part, the NIA, disclosed the role of the Institute in designing structures with due consideration of Environmental factors in order not to distort natural course which include landscaping to enable green areas, drainage channels, window and door positioning for proper ventilation etc.

The phone-in programme had callers from across the State whereas it was concluded with facilitations and encouragement to the citizens to imbibe better attitude towards maintenance of good environment and preservation of nature.


To deploy the best mix of global best practices by a highly motivated and empathic team, in engineering design and relevant studies to remediate targeted gully erosion and degradation problems efficiently and timely to ensure a healthy environment and enhanced livelihood for the people.

WEBSITE: www.abianewmap.com.ng