In an effort to address gully erosion in Sokoto State, the Sokoto NEWMAP has established a Tree nursery  that can accommodate over one million tree seedlings.

Subsequently, the Sokoto NEWMAP has also successfully rehabilitated about three hundred hectares of lands in some of its three intervention sites for the first phase.

Degraded lands were planted with trees to prevent siltation into Lugu Dam Reservoir and irrigation scheme, also 100 hectares forest enrichment planting were done in Gundumi forest reserve as enrichment planting as well as another twenty 20 hectares of orchard were established for farmers in the project intervention areas.


Currently, the project has raised about one million seedlings of different species (fruit bearing species and species for general afforestation works) for this year’s planting season.

The seedlings are for planing  in  degraded Lands and some are for distribution to  government agencies, parastatals ,Institutions, associations, clubs NGOS and some interested individuals in the State.

The whole idea is to checkmate erosion  in Sokoto State.