The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project was designed to protect people and physical assets that had been affected and remained threatened by erosion and various forms of degradation.

The project allowed also reclaiming valuable Infrastructural investment as well as restoring the livelihoods of the affected communities and individuals whose sources of income or livelihoods were affected by these natural environmental hazards. The project in pursuit of its development objectives regularly and periodically engage with stakeholders /partners MDAs and Donor Agencies in realizing the PDO: Reducing vulnerability in targeted sub-watersheds. 

  1. NEWMAP in collaboration with the World Bank is currently engaging with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to develop and deploy state-of-the-art centralized dynamic data centre at the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). The project when completed will ensure storage of voluminous detailed MIS and GIS data on Erosion Control and Management, watersheds Planning and Management, Agriculture and Natural Resources Development, accessible to all Government and Private Institutions in the Country.
  2. NEWMAP has supported the Nigeria Green Bond Project and continue to do so in collaboration with the World Bank, the Ministry of Environment and other relevant Agencies in the Country. Read more via this link. 
  3. NEWMAP partnered with ISESCO’s in evolving the Environmental and Sustainable Development Draft Strategy for the Activation of the Cultural and Religious Roles towards the protection of the Environment and the Achievement of Sustainable Development in the Islamic World; Guidance Document on Strengthening of the Role of Youth and Civil Society in the protection of the Environment and Achievement of Sustainable Development.
  4. NEWMAP, in partnership with the World Bank, periodically continues to engage all Development Projects in World Bank Portfolio to retrofit the principle of gender equality, by sensitizing stakeholders on Gender Based Violence (GBV). The workshops is fashioned to inform on the  World Bank GBV Action Plan, outlining administrative and operational measures undertaken to help prevent and respond appropriately to incidences of sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as other forms of gender-based violence (GBV) in World Bank-supported projects.


The World Bank Action Plan addresses the recommendations of the Global GBV Task Force released in August to strengthen the World Bank’s capacity to identify, prevent and mitigate against GBV in World Bank-supported projects

  1. Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) and the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) in partnership with the World Bank, periodically engage the Public and other MDAs via knowledge management programmes. For example, the South-South Knowledge Exchange programme (SSKE) yearly symposium tagged SSKE Knowledge Fair, that coincides with the commemoration of World Space Week.
  2. NEWMAP regularly participates in Joint World Bank/ Food and Agriculture Organized  Supervision Missions to the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management, thereby engaging with the Project Participating States Country-wide on Results-Based Procurement Planning, Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement (STEP) Fiduciary issues, Monitoring and Evaluation, Safeguards and other Implementation actions.
  3. NEWMAP periodically engage with participating states to showcase “Evidence-Based Results” including Video Clips, Photos, Documentaries”  via a platform tagged: NEWMAP RESULTS’  MARKETPLACE
  4. The project has conducted two Mid-Term Reviews(MTR). The project achievements in its short existence are significantly evident across the components. And since the last MTR, it has been very remarkable. The overall purpose of this review is threefold: Learning and improvement; Accountability and identification of Gaps in stipulated project Implementation Plans to ensure that project implementation is in tandem with the Project PDO and Sustainability.


Table 1: Roles/Engagements of Federal MDAs in NEWMAP

MDA Role
FMEnv Project host and focal point.
FMEnv/ Erosion Department Hosts FPMU. The Federal State NEWMAP Desk officer in the position of Director or HOD of Erosion, and Flood and Coastal Zone Management within the host Ministry (Ministry of Environment) shall be responsible for monitoring and providing technical assistance to the targeted states and communities. Such responsibility shall continue after the entire project has been completed and handed over to the communities at the end of the 9-year duration of the project activities.
FMEnv/E.I.A. and NESREA ESIA and regulatory oversight.
FMEnv/CCD and Nigeria Climate Change Commission (when established by National Assembly) FMARD, FMP and FMWR Coordination on climate change issues.
FMEnv/FDF, Forestry, FMARD, NIWRMC Extension and advisory services on catchment planning and management.
FMARD Vegetative Sustainable Land Management measures and livelihoods, extension FMEnv to decide on allocation, responsibilities and funding to other MDAs.
NIMET Diagnostics (with NIHSA) to support State investment and M&E.
NASRDA Remote sensing and GIS to support State investment and M&E.
 FMWR, FMARD, NIWRMC Catchment planning, diagnostics and climate resilience in water resources management and agriculture.
FMWR/NIHSA Diagnostics (with NIMET) to support State investment and M&E.
FMWR/ NIWRMC Catchment planning and regulatory oversight.
FMW/FERMA, FMEnv Coordination with other MDAs to further reduce land degradation from roads construction as appropriate complimentary works to prevent land degradation.
Office of Accountant General / Fed Project Financial Management Division Project financial management for all Bank-financed Federal operations.
NPC, Alignment with NV20: 2020, NIP & Sector M&E
NEMA Landslide and flood response.
FMP, ECN and FMPR Low carbon development in power and oil/ gas.



States Engagement with NEWMAP

State Ministry of Environment (SMEnv) Act as project host and focal point at State level; The State Project Coordinator shall also be the State Desk officer (SDO) is responsible for receiving  and reviewing  all designs and necessary documents provided by the State NEWMAP teams. The SMEnv shall also exercise ongoing responsibility for advising participating communities during and after the life cycle of the project.
SMEnv/Dept of EIA EIA and regulatory oversight of works
State forest commissions

Extension and advisory services on catchment planning and forests (with State ministries of agriculture).


State ministries of Agriculture / Lands Vegetative sustainable land management measures and livelihoods, and extension activities (with State Forest Commissions).

State ministries of works/ urban development/ Environmental Protection Boards/NESREA


Road projects. Coordination with LGAs to further reduce land degradation from roads, and other infrastructure construction as appropriate, including related activities.


Office of State Accountant General / State Project Financial Mgt Division Project financial management.
State Planning Commission (or equivalent) Monitoring and evaluation assistance.
State Emergency Management Agency Landslide and flood response.
FMWR Support to States on catchment planning, diagnostics, and climate resilience of water resources.
FMWR/NIHSA Support to States on diagnostics (with NIMET).
FMWR/IWRMC Support to States on catchment planning and regulatory oversight.