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Kano state is among the second tier states that were included into NEWMAP project in 2015. The project office is located at No. 229 Old WRECA office, behind GoronDutse hill in Kano Metropolitan and it has nine (9) cleared priority sites out of which five are erosion control sites ( Bulbula/Gayawa, Kamanda, KauyenAlu, Rarin and Tudun Fulani) and 4 are water conservation structures (Yan Sabo, YarTiti, Fajewa, DawanKaya). The project was launched in May 2017 at Africa hall, Government House Kano by His Excellency the Deputy Governor of Kano State.
Similarly, the project has engaged consultancy firms that have provided studies in various areas of concern from M&E, GIS (Completed) while focal NGO, RAP, LNA, ESMP and CMP have submitted their draft final report for review.
Accordingly, from 2017 to 2019 a degraded land rehabilitation plantings was carried out in the project priority sites. Farmers were identified and registered for orchards plantation of 195ha while 225ha is purely conventional of different planting models.
Furthermore, engineering design of ‘Yan sabo water conservation structures and provision of minor irrigation facilities is awaiting clearance from the bank while the remaining three sites are undergoing review with the Federal Quality Control Engineering Design Firm.
However, on the Engineering design and Supervision of five (5) erosion control sites and Supervision of 4 Water Conservation Structures and Minor Irrigation Facilities, Kano NEWMAP has received the request for Financial and Technical Proposal (RFP) and the technical report has been evaluated.

Vision statement: To promote sustainable environment development through positive environmental behavior and livelihood activities towards sustainable development.

Mission statement: To reduce loss of infrastructure including roads, houses, markets and other real estates. Reduce loss of agricultural productivity from soil loss caused by surface erosion; enhanced sustainable development; increased income for rural households resulting from improved agriculture, agro forestry and natural regeneration using integrated watershed approach.


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